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Composing Time

Composing Time

The images in your head that spring up effortlessly from one moment to the next, skipping from past to present to future are memoirs of time. A treasure chest of cherished moments is available at a thoughts notice. When most of us think back about the important moments of life (the moments that made us who we are) family, friends and loved ones were present.

Those moments where we laughed so hard we cried and I got embarrassed because I couldn’t stop laughing which caused me to cry more which caused me to laugh more and then you got infected with laughter too

That moment when we first held hands and like predestined time our hands became the center of the universe and nothing else mattered

Those moments when our children reach for our hands for the first time

Those moments when we realize our parents’ stories and shared memories are the stuff life is made of

Those moments when a hug pulls you back from the ledge

Those moments when ‘I love you’ escape your lips for the first time and you no longer have the ability to breath

The hardest moments of saying goodbye in life

The moments of being careless and carefree with only the closest of friends in your world

Those moments of realizing that nothing matters more than these types of moments

How are you composing your time? Don’t forget about the moments that matter. Before you realize it, time will run out. No exceptions, no excuses, no regrets. Overcome the ape.

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