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Blind Yourself To Opinions

Blind Yourself To Opinions

You, like it or not, are independent. You are absolutely independent of the good or bad thoughts others have of you. Let the humans think what they will think, good or bad, their opinions should never stop you on your journey to the top of your mountain. Let them judge, let them laugh, you keep climbing the mountain. The higher you climb the less you will notice the gossip that does not matter. No one thinks about you more than you think about yourself. Stop trying to figure out how other people perceive you, it doesn’t matter, and you can’t figure it out anyway.

By overthinking you treat yourself to the lovely experience of visiting problems, every problem that could possibly exist, every last scenario humanly possible. You also allow yourself to experience the pain, stress, and anxiety of visiting problems that will likely never occur. Stop doing this, seriously! If you are going to let your mind go rouge you might as well obsess over opportunities and best-case scenarios. At least you’ll experience all the pleasure, smiles and happiness that go along with it. Why torture yourself with problems, you really don’t have to. Better yet if you're letting your mind run wild, calm it. A calm mind is life changing, everyone should experience it.

Life is a storm that never passes. Figure out how to get life done in the storm. Yes, there will be calm seas and you should capitalize during these times but learn how to get shit done no matter what is going on. Push your life around, do not let life push you around. Your body can handle more physical punishment than you are capable of comprehending – it is your mind that you must convince to allow you to power forward. Rain or shine don’t allow your mind to steal your life from you. Own your life! No exceptions, no excuses, no regrets. Overcome the ape.

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There will be haters, doubters, non-believers,and then there will be you, proving them wrong.

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