o·ver·come·the·ape /ˈōvər//kəm//T͟Hē,T͟Hə//āp/ verb 1. to examine one’s mind, become accustom to tuning out one’s mind, as one focuses and takes action in his/her best interest “Toms mind raced and panicked as his deadline approached making it harder to concentrate but then Tom realized he just needed to overcome the ape” synonyms: calmness, contentment, well-being, fulfillment, quite mind, mental freedom

Stay on the path to the best ‘YOU’

I’m a student of life, a father and an inquisitive entrepreneur. I blog about the spaces in our heads that we all should battle with. I’m particularly inspired to help anyone in career advancement or change. My career has been a long and glorious battle that has given me everything I demanded of it. I would love to be a bit of ammunition in your arsenal as you rampage through career and life.

O.C.T.A. (OverCome The Ape) exist to serve you and others who are searching for “it”, that all satisfying feeling of a life well spent. Whether it be better health, more money, family time, happiness, the ability to be you, we aim to assist or at least point you in a direction that may be useful to your journey. O.C.T.A. hopes to encourage, inspire and take an active role in helping you overcome your ape. Our ape pack is free to join, we welcome all with no strings attached. Subscribe below.

I have been in leadership roles my entire life. About 30 years if I count my first business at age 14 mowing yards and hiring friends to help. My yard business lasted for six years until I sold it at age twenty. Since then I have put 17 years into oil and gas, a year (and currently) in the medical industry with a sprinkling of fun experiences in non-profit and other businesses started and concluded. I have always been surrounded by people needing direction. My career has given me the opportunity to get leadership and management training from some of the best companies and individuals around. I graduated from Lone Star college in Houston, TX and have spent most of my education in Science Education (secondary physics), exposing me to general education, foundations of teaching and pedagogy. These courses with my experience, fueled and strengthened my ability and passion to reach people and contribute to their clarity in purpose.

I hope this blog inspires you to overcome your ape. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!

O.C.T.A. post two blogs, two videos and one podcast a week about standing face to face with yourself and overcoming your ape.  Subscribe below to join the ape pack.