Want Is Not Enough

Many feel confident that the pieces of destiny will fall in place as your purpose in life unravels like a butterfly shedding its cocoon.  Without action, your purpose in life will remain untouchable.


Weekends fly by too quickly, the fun in life, the important moments seem fleeting and scarce. Welcome to the grind!


A lifetime of attempting to accomplish what you feel driven to do will be more satisfying than a lifetime of ignoring who you are.


You have 86,400 seconds every day, once spent they are gone forever.  How are you spending your seconds?  Don’t go to your grave with a heart-full of what ifs.


Successful endeavors are not accomplished when you feel inspired or have the energy or feel good.  Successful endeavors are accomplished by using and capitalizing on time.

Planet of the Ape Mind

Your mind is geared to survive and capable of believing anything and everything. It can process many possible scenarios and quite often does but rarely accurately or in line with what unfolds.

A Beautiful Mind

Alone inside your head, trapped being someone you never planned on being. It's difficult to be so far away from whom you thought you would be, it can be devastating.